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North Carolina saw a spike in fatal bicycle accidents in 2020

by | Mar 11, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

In Mooresville and across North Carolina, 2020 saw substantive changes to the way people went about their daily lives personally and professionally. The health crisis necessitated adaptation, but as things slowly return to normal, people will try to get back to conventional routines. Many are increasingly using alternatives to getting back and forth. Rather than using motor vehicles, they might walk or ride bicycles. Bicycling is healthy and will save money in travel costs, but there is no doubt that there is increased vulnerability to catastrophic injuries and death in a car accident.

Fatal bicycle crashes in North Carolina were up in 2020

Anecdotal and statistical evidence highlights a rise in fatal bicycle accidents in North Carolina in 2020. There were 26 bicyclists killed on state roads at the latest count by November. This was seven more than in all of 2019. People who were limited in their activities took to riding bicycles during the pandemic and this is believed to have played a role in the rise in deaths. According to experienced riders, the risks have been amplified by drivers who are speeding, impaired or distracted.

Since riders are so inherently vulnerable, even a minor collision can cause severe injuries and fatalities. A challenge that often arises for bicycle safety is the absence of widespread bicycle lanes. While wearing a helmet and other protective clothing can be beneficial and riders are advised to be extra vigilant to account for driver recklessness, there is little that can be done to prevent many crashes. Being aware of what steps are available after a bicycle-auto accident is vital.

Having experienced guidance can be helpful after a bike crash

As the weather begins to improve and the health crisis recedes, the roads will become busier with people taking part in activities like bicycling. Drivers who were reckless with the empty roads may continue to drive in ways that place others in jeopardy. After bicycle accidents, people can face extensive challenges including brain trauma, spinal cord damage, broken bones, internal injuries and more. In a worst-case, there can be a fatality. For assistance in recovering for financial and personal loss, it may be wise to have legal assistance from the beginning. Experienced professionals who understand auto accidents and their aftermath may be able to help with moving forward.