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$6,000,000 SETTLEMENT 

Negligent Supervision/ Personal Injury/ Paralysis – Confidential settlement during litigation and prior to trial for a young female client who was seriously injured and paralyzed from the waist down from falling while doing a back-bend unsupervised at a recreational center. 

$3,500,000 SETTLEMENT 

Automobile Accident/ Wrongful Death – Confidential settlement for the family of a North Carolina woman who was killed when her vehicle was struck by a commercial truck while stopped in traffic. 

$3,000,000 SETTLEMENT 

Automobile Accident – Confidential settlement for a North Carolina elderly client who received a serious head injury as well as fractured legs when he was struck by a commercial truck while standing next to his disabled vehicle while visiting in West Virginia. 

$2,200,000 SETTLEMENT 

Bus Accident  – Confidential Settlement after litigation and mediation for a client who was a passenger in a bus, when the bus driver fell asleep and caused the bus to collide with a tractor-trailer resulting in serious fractures to client’s neck, hip, and leg (Mecklenburg County). 

$1,000,000 SETTLEMENT 

Motor Vehicle/ Truck Accident – settled pre-trial; an elderly women was rear-ended by a concrete truck during early morning hours and her SUV was forced off an embankment.  The plaintiff sustained abdominal and bowel injuries and underwent two bowel resection surgeries to remove the damaged bowels.  As a result of the surgeries, plaintiff suffered bowel incontinence.  The plaintiff also had non-displaced fractures in her neck and hand causing discomfort. (Burke County) 

$1,500,000 SETTLEMENT 

Motorcycle Accident/ Negligent Hire/ Wrongful Death – Settlement during litigation for a client whose 31-year-old son, an Army Sergeant and decorated war hero, was killed when riding his motorcycle off duty and an employee of Caviness and Cates Builders turned left in front of his motorcycle. 

$1,800,000 SETTLEMENT 

Automobile Accident/ DWI/ Negligent Hire/ Wrongful Death – Confidential Settlement during litigation and at mediation for a client whose elderly father was killed when a drunk driver who was on the clock for an electrical company crossed the center line and caused a head-on collision. 

$1,825,000 SETTLEMENT 

Construction Accident/ Personal Injury – Settlement during litigation for a client who received multiple internal injuries and serious back injuries when non-secured overhead beams fell on him at a job site (Mecklenburg). 

$1,900,000 SETTLEMENT 

Truck Accident  – Settlement after mediation for a client who was driving his automobile when a tractor-trailer made a left turn in front of him causing serious injuries, including fractures to his arm, leg, and ankle (Mecklenburg County). 

$808,585 SETTLEMENT 

Tractor-Trailer Accident/Wrongful Death – Settlement for the Estate of a 44-year-old male truck driver from North Carolina who was killed when a commercial carrier tractor-trailer trunk pulled from the shoulder of the road into the lane of his tractor-trailer, causing a severe and violent collision in Arizona. 

$800,000 SETTLEMENT 

Motorcycle Accident – Pretrial settlement for a 32-year-old man who was injured when another vehicle turned left in front of him, causing his bike to collide with the vehicle, and his body was ejected from his motorcycle. The client sustained a serious knee injury with several of his ligaments and tendons being torn in his knee, resulting in three knee repair and reconstruction surgeries. 

$800,000 SETTLEMENT 

Defective Product and Defective Design – Personal Injury – Settlement during litigation at mediation for a 33-year-old man who was seriously injured when the bucket lift he was using to change streetlight bulbs in a Wal-Mart parking lot collapsed causing a 35 feet fall.  The client sustained multiple fractures in his back that required surgical placement of rods, multiple rib fractures and flail chest, pelvic fracture, and a lacerated liver (Catawba County).